Mold Remediation Agoura Hills
Mold Removal Agoura Hills

Mold is one of the newest environmental hazards causing concern among renters. Across the country, tenants have won multimillion-dollar cases against landlords for significant health problems -- such as rashes, chronic fatigue, nausea, cognitive losses, hemorrhaging, and asthma -- allegedly caused by exposure to "toxic molds" in their building.

If you suspect there is mold in your rental unit, learn when your landlord might be liable and how to clean it up. Even better, take steps to prevent or clean up mold before it becomes a problem.

Mold is a type of fungus that appears in areas of a home that have been exposed to water. In order for mold to develop, it requires a combination of moisture, warmth, and organic matter to feed on. There are over a thousand variations of molds, both toxic and non toxic that can thrive in a home.

Mold, in a house, is most often found on floors, walls, ceilings, countertops, and carpeting that has been exposed to excessive ammounts of moisture. One particularly troublesome hiding place is inside the duct-work of central forced-air heating and air-conditioners. Microscopic mold spores can be hidden inside a wall, behind a tub that has leaked water at the seam of the wall, even under a kitchen sink. Don't risk your health to mold....ask for a free mold removal estimate at (818) 661-4476

Agoura Hills Mold Remover Estimate

When you call a mold remover service in Agoura Hills, you will be connected to a mold removal expert contractor who specializes in the type of mold typically found in Agoura Hills homes. Call today for an mold or mildew inspection of your home and have the peace of mind to keep you safe in your home.


"After having suffered water damage in my newly remodeled condo I was very stressed and depressed. When your guy arrived at my home he was upbeat, positive, friendly but still professional, and assured me that my problem was manageable, very fixable and that all the water damage would be addressed"
Jason P.

"On Sunday the cold weather conspired to clog all of our main drain lines, and we had a terrible flood in the basement of our facility. We are a small non-profit organization and an incident like this can be devastating if we lose supplies, materials and equipment. Your technician came to our rescue-literally. He was extremely polite and personable. He took time to explain his work plan, methods and worked very hard until the job was done. In short he did a fantastic job and we are grateful to him and to your company for sending him to us. We didn't lose one item. "
Colin H

"We were pleased overall with your mitigation services. The prompt response was most appreciated."
Hanna B.

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